George Adkinson

Technical Representative

George Adkinson

Technical Representative

At work

George is a technical representative for PCL Insurance Services and helps out with marketing and business development. George has completed all his insurance exams meaning he can engage with general insurance, long term insurance and composite insurance (including linked long term insurance).

Beginning his career as a summer intern in 2018, George completed various months of internships in Hong Kong in different industries before commencing the role he currently occupies in April 2021.

George is looking to expand his career by completing his HKSI exams with our parent company, Private Capital.

At home

George focuses on keeping active by playing sports such as football and cricket on the weekend. During the week, George enjoys watching various live sports, tv shows or going to the gym.




  • IIQE Qualifying Examination - Papers I, II, III, V
  • Student Member of Chartered Insurance Institute
  • The Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Examination
  • Spotlight questions

    Where can we find you on an ideal weekend?

    Long hike then a couple hours on the beach

    What’s your favourite holiday destination?

    Český Krumlov

    What’s your favourite song to sing along to in the car?

    500 Miles - Proclaimers

    What was the first CD you ever bought?

    I got 4th place at my school dance and won 'NOW The hits of summer 2012'

    When the dessert menu arrives, what are you looking for?

    Banoffee Pie

    What’s the one thing you’d like to do before you die?

    Plan and complete a journey from Europe to Asia - No flying