Cliff Harkins

Group Medical Specialist

Cliff Harkins

Group Medical Specialist

At work

Cliff is our Director & Technical Representative (Broker) at PCL Insurance Services (Licence No. IA 1796).

Having joined the PCL group in 2011, Cliff first joined Private Capital Limited, before taking on a directorship role of the current sister company, PCL Insurance Services.

As our group medical insurance specialist, Cliff is renowned for his knowledge and understanding of the nuances each medical insurance company has to offer. Staying on top of any updates insurance companies have to offer. As a broker, Cliff has a first-class relationship with each insurance company we deal with, ensuring our relationship is on point and also making sure they are the right fit for our clients.

At home

Cliff loves to travel around Asia, notably Thailand. Loving the food and culture, Cliff travels back and forth regularly between Hong Kong and Thailand.

A big motor racing fan, Cliff loves to watch MotoGP racing and Formula One, whilst frequently hiking in Hong Kong.



  • IIQE Qualifying Examination - Papers I and II